CEO Message

Ozawa Takeo

Ozawa Takeo

President & CEO

POC Clinical Research delivers highly responsible and principally on-site support with coherence for the development of advanced medical technologies.

POC Clinical Research provides a full range of support for the research and development of advanced medical technologies. We adhere to the following three tenets: “Our clients are the innovators of ideas”; “POC provides support for the innovation of ideas”; and ” Society creates a brighter future through innovation”.

Our clients as the innovators of ideas

If your company or institution is involved in research and development in the area of advanced medicine, our mission is to help achieve your goals in a timely manner. Through years of experience we have developed advanced skills that can provide the source of innovation in this area. We work with you on your specific goals by maximizing our scientific knowledge and expertise, and we base our actions on a firm understanding of your vision and ideas as we work diligently to produce the results you are looking for.
Innovation always involves trial-and-error and numerous changes. Since innovations are new, there are few textbooks or case examples available for guidance; the innovator must pass through the darkness alone. But it is also important to pass through quickly, given the constraints of development costs and timing. This is why we place great emphasis on speed. Our main goal is to proceed quickly in making the changes necessary to achieve true technical innovation.
Since POC Clinical Research has a wealth of experience, accumulated expertise, and a worldwide network, we are ready to leverage all of these to help you develop the technology to realize practical operation, and to deployment in the field, all within a relatively short time period.

Preparing employees to help you reach the dream

Innovation depends on a team effort. It requires the combined efforts of a coordinated group of individuals all focused on the same goal. To achieve goals, POC’s employees create a team of excellence with the client’s employees, and the full power of this team must be unleashed. Two critical keys for success are meaningful suggestions from POC staff and effective dialogues among team members. Every employee at POC Clinical Research develops ability to think and act independently and proactively. POC nurtures the highest quality human resources for the purpose of creating innovative and productive outcomes.

A society that creates a better future through innovation

Innovation involves more than just technology. It is also embodied in new ways of thinking, and new types of approach. It creates new value, and has the power to drive significant change throughout society.
Japan today is facing a number of deepening problems, including population decline, an aging population, environmental issues, resource and energy conservation issues, and threats from new types of global-reaching infectious diseases.
The manner in which we face these issues will have considerable effect on our future economic development. If we want to stand up to these issues, we cannot rely solely on conventional thoughts and methods.
We must think from a global perspective, and use innovation to drive large societal change. As an innovator in the area of advanced medicine, we at POC Clinical Research are doing what we can to build a brighter future through our contributions to health, medical treatment, and social wellbeing. And because we understand the importance of innovation, we have adopted “Power of Innovation” as our motto.